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Role 1.

About this Job March 17th

We are looking for a motivated key communicator as a next-generation executive team member.
They would operate as a chief executive assistant for 2-3 years before moving to lead of corporate communications for our growing brands.
Candidates will need to developed experience and skills in:
  • Writing for Business
  • Presentation Prep and Research
  • Press Communications
  • Copy Editing
  • Executive Travel and Calendar Planning
  • Understanding of Social Media and its use in business monetization
  • An authentic background in athletics or military based on key markets
  • Pride in USA Made opportunities 
  • Go get-um and ready-to-hustle.
Graduation in spring, summer, fall would be acceptable for the candidate and we may offer an MBA reimbursement with an extended contract. 
HBI Collective | Executive team 
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