10 Seconds® Flat Foot® Supportive Insoles

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Invented by Dr. Michael Pryce ( For 10 Seconds® ) to solve issues for the untapped market of the flat foot afflicted. Our 10 Seconds Flat Foot® insole as been brought back into our collection for 2020 by customer demand! 

Suited for users in professional fields where constant standing is required, which may have even caused damage and collapsing of the arch. The Flat Foot® insole offers features that bring stability back to the foot by correcting/filling contours the foot normally uses to maintain movement and stability while the arch is collapsing during movement.  With a firmer footbed foam, this insole is the solution for working careers with long "hour after hour" "day after day" stagnated standing.

Examples of the user this insole is designed for include: Retailer Associates, Bartenders, Security, Tradeshow and Service Desk careers.