Celebrating 100 Years of Narrow Textile Innovation

Hickory Brands Inc. Celebrates 100 years of USA made.

Part 1: From Hickory Lace Braiding Co. 1923 to Hickory Brands Inc. 2023

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From the Hickory Brands Inc. Board and Executive Teams at 208 Union Square NW 28601 Hickory, North Carolina - Jan 1, 2023. Hickory Brands Inc.’s collective industrial and retail brands are proud to announce our 100th year of USA manufacturing. This includes cord, webbing, and braid used in the Outdoor, Footwear, Fashion, and Industrial segments manufactured by our Family-owned factories in Hickory and Longview, North Carolina.

Mission: Hickory Brands Inc. believes in quality jobs for the U.S. Made Workforce and the quality-of-life sports and the outdoors bring to us all.

How it started: From humble beginnings in the basement of a textiles mill in Hickory North Carolinato products that would later circle the globe on the feet of the US Military and Olympic athletes alike. HBi has had the honor of lacing up the American workforce from fine dress shoes on Madison Avenue to the boots that brought us through the Industrial Revolution and World Wars. By 1925, just 2 short years into our history our founders brought Old Hickory Laces in Sundries, Pharmacies, and Drugstores “Coast to Coast” - reported by The Hickory Daily Record 1925.


Daniel Bizzell CEO & Chief Tour Guide Hickory Brands Inc. / 2WIN®

Hickory Brands Inc.’s CEO (and Chief Tour Guide) Daniel Bizzell presenting for the opening segment of 100 Days to 100 Years with HBI @hickorybrandsinc on Instagram.

About Hickory Brands - Modern Era
Hickory Brands, Inc. is a pioneering 100-year OEM (original equipment and component manufacturer) in the narrow textile category here in the USA.
Known as an innovative manufacturer in the fashion, accessories, athletic, military, technical, and outdoor sporting goods industries. In addition to being a 100-year-old company, Hickory Brands, Inc. prides itself on its focus of producing USA-made goods, innovation, and solutions for products across the industry.

Our Brands: Revised in 2020, 10 Seconds® relaunched after nearly 30 years on the market with an assortment of products that ranged from disinfectant and deodorizer to laces, insoles, protectants and more. Marking our 100th year, Hickory Brands, Inc. and our collective brands 10 Seconds®, 2ndwind®, 2WIN®, and Gospun® will have many initiatives circling around key innovations in fit, feedback, and performance, many of which you will see athletes testing early in the season and winning with by season’s end.

Events surrounding Hickory Brands Inc.’s 100th will include a press event on the morning of Monday May 15th, where press and partners will be invited to learn more about HBi, our countdown to 100, and the events that will become annually hosted by the organization for the textile, sporting, footwear and manufacturing community. At this time the leadership team is planning an annual Trail Run, Bespoke Shoe Event, Women In Industry Brunch, and of course, a 1920’s Themed Centennial Celebration on the closing evening of the celebratory week.

For press inquiries please contact: press@hickorybrands.com

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