About Us

Hickory Brands is constantly evolving into an innovation provider in the Athletic and Outdoor Sporting Goods Category.  

Our know-how has helped us partner with numerous global brands including New Balance, Adidas, Puma, Converse, The Athlete's Foot, Kiwi, etc.  Our distribution and logistics expertise along with our diverse sales staff has allowed us to sell products throughout the world.  Let us be your new solutions partner in this competitive market.  


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A Little more on HBi



Hickory Brands Inc. [HBi] has had a long history of manufacturing starting as “Old Hickory Shoe Lace” in 1923.  Located at the base of the Appalachian mountains we are proudly one of a very few remaining Cord, Webbing Shoe Lace manufacturers in the United States.  Our quality products and excellent customer service have allowed us to excel with numerous OEM customers, global brands, and retail chains (including Walmart for Kiwi through 2013).  We are always looking for strategic partners that match our ethics and appreciate the value of the American worker.


We are excited to launch our new website which will be more user-friendly and offer direct consumer support.  This site will not only showcase our new products and existing inventory, it will serve as an easy access point for all those who wish to preview, compare, or purchase product.