Reflexall ® Washable Reflective Spray

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Reflexall® Reflective Spray

Our Reflexall® Non-Permanent and Washable Reflective Surface Spray helps increase your visibility when applied and shown on by headlights and flashlight beams, in low light conditions. This is due to Reflexall’s® advanced light reflective Nano-Technology.

Reflexall® is easy to apply and perfect for shorty days, dusk, dawn, outdoor sports, child costume visibility and much more. So much more.. that.. if you have a new use for Reflexall®, copy us at 

Reflexall® is a Height Tech Non-Permanent spray with light-reflective properties intended for use on textiles. The spray is invisible in daylight and 3 dimensionally reflective when shown on or passed by with light beams in low light conditions. Increase the visibility and safety of your self, loved ones, and even pets by spraying your clothes and other textiles such as shoes, strollers, leashes, backpacks etc.

Our Reflexall® Non-Permanent works best on natural textiles and textiles with a surface structure such as fleece, cotton, rope, webbing, and wool. The effect may be limited on shiny synthetic materials (do not spray on leather). Never spray on items while children are wearing or using the intended product.

You can easily create hidden messages, directive arrows, reflective signs and symbols creating cut-out stencils for spraying on surfaces. See our available stencils at: 


Reflect all.. with Reflexall™  Be visible, be seen.





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