NEW Look! Janie ® Dry Stick On-The-Spot | Garment Cleaner - Travel Size

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Janie ® The Original Convenient & Concealable Oily Stain Remover. 

Janie ® Dry Stick On-The-Spot Garment Cleaner - small compact travel size, 3" tall

Launching in new retail packaging this summer.. pre-order now!

Powerful, Odorless Spot Remover in a travel size! 

"The in a Clutch - Clutch Stain Buster" (copyright HBi collective 2021)

Made in the USA and Trusted for over 60 years!

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ALL NATURAL, solvent-free, and safe for any fabric, any color, Janie® goes on dry, absorbs oil, grease, and dairy-based stains, and never leaves a ring.

Janie® is non-toxic, non-flammable, and odorless. Made of ALL NATURAL ingredients, Janie® is a powder in stick form. Just rub it on, let it absorb, then brush it away with the included brush. SO SIMPLE, SO EASY, SO SAFE!   If the spot has no oil to absorb, the cleaner will not be effective. 
Janie® is equally effective on clothing, carpet & upholstery.  Available in personal, travel, & home sizes.



Go Janie!