Janie ® Dry Stick

Janie® The Original Convenient & Concealable Oily Stain Remover. 
Janie! is having some work done!
We would like to announce the return of a mid-century classic, for the 2022 season:


You know it. You love it. And that’s why we’re bringing it back with a modern twist.  It’s the Janie Dry Spot Cleaner stick.
Made in the USA and Trusted for over 60 years!

Janie® - "The Mod way to Move a Stain." 

Copyright 2021


Janie Spot Cleaning 

  • For oil- and grease-based stains on all fabrics, nothing works better than the Janie Stick
  • Made of a combination of clays that absorb the spot which is then brushed away
  • All-natural, solvent-free stick - built-in brush included
  • No water needed - stains can be treated while wearing clothing